Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pulled Mushroom Sandwich (Vegan)

I got this recipe off of Pintrest. I know shocker. Although like most recipes I use I did change it a bit. I found it called for way too much BBQ sauce and it really wasn't needed. This recipe is seriously good. My entire family loves it.


4-8 King Oyster mushrooms (if you absolutely can’t find any then Portobello mushrooms will work, just not quite as well.)

1 small onion

1-2 tbsp. of coconut oil

3-5 tbsp. of your favorite BBQ sauce

First off you can normally find King Oyster mushrooms at most Asian food marts or a well-stocked grocery store. It took some searching but I eventually found huge packs for super cheap at a local grocery store that just opened recently. They have an entire wall of mushrooms aka vegan paradise. The pic below is just some of our haul. The King Oyster mushrooms are in the back. We got both of those bags for $5. Steal!

Turn your stove on to medium heat. While your frying pan heats up shred your mushrooms and thinly slice your onion. Once the pan is hot add in your coconut oil (or any other oil) and throw in your sliced onion. Once that has cooked down a bit and the onion is soft and translucent (about 5 minutes) turn the heat up slightly and toss in your shredded mushroom. Sauté the onion and mushroom together for about 10-15 minutes until everything is nicely cooked. Lastly add in your BBQ sauce a bit at a time until you have reached your desired sauciness. Once the BBQ sauce is well incorporated and everything is nice and hot you are done! Throw on some nice homemade bread or a soft whole wheat bun, serve with your favorite side and enjoy!

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