Thursday, 9 May 2013

Back in Action

Ok so spring is here and I’m thinking ahead to when it’s going to be 35 degrees (literally balls hot) and I’m not going to be motivated to cook anything. We don’t have a BBQ…yet! We hope to remedy that someday but it’s not in the budget for now. So that leaves me making salads and eating raw veggies and humus etc., not very creative. So my wheels have started turning and I will be posting some new spring/summer vegan recipes very soon!

I’ve also decided since my blog has fallen by the wayside now that I’ve been spending most of my online time working on getting exposure for the humane society where I work, that I’m going to keep things on here really simple. That means mostly that I will just be posting recipes as is. No written intros or witty banter (unless I’m feeling especially witty) just the straight poop kids. I’m also keeping my recipes simple. News Flash! I don’t measure most things so all my amounts are just averages. I’m going to stop sweating exactly how much spinach I’m using and just let you intelligent people figure it out. Maybe you want more of something, maybe you want less. I don’t care, I just want you to make it your own and have fun experimenting.

Let the summer fun begin!


Upcoming non-recipe posts to watch for…

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